As we have told you on the first page of this site THE DOWNTOWN CAJUN BAND was founded by Will Pieters.
For years Will was part of the Cajun Company , in which he played the not unimportant second fiddle.
After having shown for about two years the band Except2 how to play Cajun music, Will has started his own band.
Both Ed en Ron come from Except2 and are contaminated with the hip-swaying cajun-virus, for wich there is no cure. Meanwhile Netty has come to join the band and she plays ' tit fer '.
Toghether they make cajun music in the tradition of Dennis McGee, Wade Fruge and Dewey Balfa.
During the years we played at several festivals in Europa at Baasem, Bristol(3x), Challes Les Eaux, Malton(2x), Pontchartrain, Raamsdonksveer(3x), Saulieu(2x), Virton en Winterswijk(2x).
We also did gigs at the Cecil Sharpe House (London) during monthly Cajun dancenights voor File Gumbo.
We also had the privilege of playing a live TV broadcast performance at the Liberty Theatre in Eunice, Louisiana USA.