de viool

de trekzak


The fiddle is an instrument with for strings which is played with the aid os a hairy stick (4000 in all).
In the hands of an inexpert it is a dangerous weapon capable of causing severe hearing damage.

Cajun accordion
The cajun-accordeon is a small box with 13 buttons in the left-right ratio of 3 to 10.
For a left-handed player it is the other way around.
The third button on the base side is for breathing.
It is a very small box wich can produce an enormous heap of sound.

The guitar is an instrument whit six strings with a neck divided into small compartments.
If tuned little can go wrong.

Triangle or Tit Fer
The triangle is a 3-sided iron contrivence played on by a one-sided piece of iron.
When you play the tit fer watch out for bits of iron flying around.
The advantage of playing the tit fer is of course that it can''t be played out of tune.

????? I rest my case.

het gitaar



le tit fer